Kalio Gayo – Global parti folk 4.0

Kalio Gayo’s dances are boundless. Accordion, guitar, double bass and drums blend folky themes from the east and the west with a touch of ska, latin and reggae. Combined with samples they rock in a folky way, breaking with traditional conventions. Catchy songs, in Kalio’s universal language, take you to a place east of your imagination. The two frontwomen make you sing along in a lingo you don’t know but you can surely understand. A Kalio-show is always a smashing party with loads of energy.

Parti y prije, party and tears. Do-it-yourself with rebellious optimism.

Kalio Gayo’s latest EP ‘Orok’ is a lyrical and melodic collage. Orok is everyone, Orok can be everywhere. Orok is a mission.

…. there is no such thing as the wrong country, the wrong color or the wrong name, we share the same future, bright or grim, east and west, the same …

Renske Das – leadvocals, accordion
Anja Pleit – guitar, vocals
Sijmen Hendriks – double bass
Joost Bos – drums, sampler

Egbert den Braber † (1998 – 2011) – banjo

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